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Foster enhanced connection and care through specialized services that include solo and community experiences. We meet your need for the company of others with shared relaxation opportunities and provide time to reconnect with yourself in solo retreats. Hang out and relax with a foot soak party, Thai-cation, or full or half-day retreat. 

Foot Soak Party

Our feet suffer abuse every day yet form our roots and foundation as we move through our daily lives. The mobility and flexibility of the foot and ankle impact the health of our knees, hips, backs, and necks. Taking time to nourish your roots can help you stand taller, move easier, and experience less pain. Taking care of your feet is taking care of you! 

We customize foot soaks with a special blend of herbs that target your needs. Our herbal blends offer aromatic properties that you absorb through the skin and breathe through the air. We offer blends for relaxation, mental clarity, pain relief, immune support, and more. 

We take cleanliness seriously. Our handmade foot-soaking bowls are jet-free and made of recycled copper, which is by nature antimicrobial and fungicidal. We use foot soaking salt blends made from 100% natural ingredients that are free of synthetic fumes, dyes, and chemicals. Contact us for an individual or community foot soak. We can host foot soak and foot massage parties for up to six people.


Treat yourself to a half- or full-day Thai-cation. Thai Bodywork uses conscious touch to relieve pain and restore balance. We rock, stretch, and support your body through yoga-like positions as we use pressure that ranges from gentle to strong and deep depending on your needs and physical constitution. You will develop mindful body awareness in a supported, nonjudgmental space. A Thai-cation will transform pain, tension, and stress; replenish your energy; and realign your posture. The longer format allows a deeper level of reset through the mind, body, and spirit than traditional 60- or 90-minute massages. Your experience can be customized to include abdominal work, foot soaking and foot massage, auricular acupuncture or a private stretch instruction lesson.  Prioritize time for yourself for a deep reboot.

Full- and Half-Day Retreats

Want to relax and get away with a group of your closest besties or family members without getting on an airplane?  Set up a half or full-day retreat customized with yoga instruction, meditation, self and partner massage.  We can host groups of up to six participants.  We can host larger group experiences at your facility.  Contact us to discuss your ideas and goals.  

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