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we help you find your heartwood

Inside the center of every tree lies the strongest part of the tree, the Heartwood.
Inside the center of every person exists a similar strength. Heartwood 
Healing Collective helps you rediscover your Heartwood—fueling your transformation from the inside out.

Negative patterns can affect our bodies, our minds, and our health.

Heartwood Healing Collective reconnects you to the parts of you that have been ignored or pushed aside so you can achieve better balance, strength, and resilience.

We strengthen your Heartwood by igniting transformation, healing, and integration. We empower you with care that lets your body lead the way.

awaken your awareness

We help you break free from behaviors that weaken your alignment and connection to self, life, and others. 
Our workshops educate you to recognize and disrupt unhealthy patterns that disrupt your equilibrium.

We address stress reduction, emotional wellbeing, and nutrition, and build connection and community to reduce loneliness and isolation. You will leave our workshops and social soaks centered, connected, and relaxed.

every BODY is welcome

Every BODY benefits when they reconnect with their Heartwood. Experience the physical
and spiritual aspects of healing through energy medicine, bodywork, and health coaching.

Heal from within through manual therapy, movement, meditation, bodywork, acupuncture, and massage.  We use physical touch to renew your body and center your spirit, and restore balance through visceral and neuromanipulation,  acupuncture, abdominal massage, Thai and Chinese bodywork, meditation, and yoga practices.

heal from within

Unlock the healing potential inside of you. Relieve stubborn symptoms
while treating the root causes through a blend of modern and alternative therapies.

We help you listen to your body and analyze the patterns that throw you off balance.  Our mix of treatments, whole body coaching, functional nutrition, educational blogs,  and videos will help you set healing intentions, follow your wellness journey, and create a quantum shift.

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