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Heartwood Healing Collective comprises a group of passionate practitioners serving people on their healing journeys.

We operate by a simple mission: to empower people on their wellness journeys with powerful tools like Thai and Chinese bodywork, acupuncture, visceral manipulation massage, health coaching, yoga, meditation, and more. Our experienced and knowledgeable practitioners help individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle and reconnect to their deepest self. 

We are here to educate and remind you that relaxation, connection, ease, and movement are your natural birthrights. We listen and personalize a plan that’ll put you on the path toward optimal health and wellness. Let us be your guide on this journey of revitalization and restoration.

At the center of our Heartwood are wellness champions Todd Richmond and Laura Hulke. Todd and Laura met at Thai Bodywork School in Evanston, Illinois. Each had a budding practice in their respective cities—Todd in Lafayette, Indiana, and Laura in Elm Grove, Wisconsin. They shared a common vision to form a healing collective rooted in personal service, compassion, deep listening, and transformation.

Once they discovered their vision included marriage, the husband-wife team started Heartwood Healing Collective in 2014 to share their passion for Eastern healing modalities and Western science with the public, massage therapists and health enthusiasts. 

Heartwood Healing Collective has since expanded to offer bodywork and massage, visceral manipulation, small-scale community acupuncture and massage clinics, integrated health coaching, yoga instruction, sound healings, community building events, and self-care education classes. 

The team of practitioners has also grown. Our practitioners also include Bruce Sun, Licensed Acupuncturist. Every member of our team dedicates their professional endeavors to helping individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle and reconnect to their own Heartwood.


Phone: (414) 323-4183

My journey began in martial arts. Here, I became immersed in helping people learn. As I followed my path in martial arts, I found I loved working with people to empower them to connect to and transform their bodies. This joy kindled in me a desire to learn Thai bodywork. I thrive on those lightbulb moments of gratitude and joy when people reconnect with their energy sources and discover ways to reduce their physical pain and improve their health.

My world collided with Laura’s at a Thai bodywork school in Evanston, Illinois. We kept in touch for many years as we separately advanced our educations in manual therapies and wellness. Eventually we realized we wanted to partner in business and in life. We opened Heartwood Healing Collective in 2014 and got married in 2018.

I am a nationally certified L.M.T. of Teoma Wellness School in Quincy, Massachusetts, and a graduate of Thai Bodywork School in Chicago. I formerly owned and operated Somatic Arts, a Thai bodywork studio in Lafayette, Indiana. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Purdue University. 

I profoundly believe that our culture has lost its intelligence and knowledge around touch, wellness, and healthy living. We all deserve to feel good in our own skin and to live with less pain. People undergo a lot of suffering. My goal is to work in this space to help others reduce their suffering. 

My training in functional nutrition also helps people live their best lives. Food is a powerful medicine that gives our bodies the nutrients to heal. I love helping others make that connection by working with them to create individualized nutrition plans to guide their health journey. I help them maximize what they need to function and heal and minimize what is harmful to them. This comes through prioritizing food behaviors and choices that support healing.

I like to describe the results of my work with an analogy. When water moves and churns, the water gets mixed with mud and you cannot see the bottom. But when water is still, the bottom becomes clear. In my work, I help people still their bodies so that the “mud” settles.  Then they have the clarity to reconnect with their energy source. 

My favorite thing to do is spend time with my wife, Laura. We share many values: playfulness, creativity, excellence, integrity, personal growth, wellness embodiment, and a passion for helping others feel great. I love having a partner who shares my passion for wellness, healthy eating, and fun.


Phone: (414) 323-4183

My personal healing journey with chronic pain and mental health highlighted the importance of massage, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, and nutrition. The personal process of reclaiming my quality of life inspired me to study these practices and dedicate my energy to serving others on their paths of reclaiming their own quality of life. Over the last decade, I have realized how great the need for holistic healing is in our Western society and local community. This has inspired me to teach and support younger manual therapists so they also can meet this need.

I am an L.M.T. and a graduate of East-West Healing Arts Institute in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, and Thai Bodywork School in Chicago. I am a 200-hour certified yoga teacher with Paul and Suzee Grilley and a Reiki Master Teacher. I formerly owned Essential Healing in Elm Grove, Wisconsin, and was the co-founder of Partner Yoga Milwaukee. I also hold a B.S. in Chemistry from Marquette University.

I have continued my education at the Barral Institute, learning Visceral Manipulation: Abdomen 1, Abdomen 2; Thorax, Listening Techniques for Manual Therapy, and Coaching the Body. I have education in special focus areas including: Sacral, Hip, Knee; Abdomen, Thorax, Lumbar.

The body of every person I work with has a story to tell about what it needs to function better. As a manual therapist, I listen to the body and body tissues to give voice to these messages. In that listening process, I can support the body in waking up, moving better, and experiencing more vitality. I believe our bodies are tremendously powerful and can do much of their own healing when given the right support.

The work I do is a type of body-centered meditation inquiry.  This process organically empowers clients to feel their body deeply and connect to the parts of themselves that they isolate or push aside.  The process leaves clients with a feeling of deep wholeness, rightness, lightness, peacefulness, insight, and clarity.  In the space created by these moments, I believe folks can privately encounter the truth of their inner world and choices and feel available personal energy to make change.

I love the non-judgmental, freeing and trusting nature of the work.  It is not my job to “DO” something for the person.  They already have all the power within to effect change.  I assist them in experiencing a deeper sense of integration and wholeness and connecting to that latent internal energy through bodywork, movement, or meditation practices.  It’s non-verbal, and it spontaneously arises as a by-product of compassionate, mindful care.

I also believe in naps! My favorite adult time-out is a nap is on a hammock in the mid-afternoon sun, when the cicadas are singing, and the breeze is gently wafting.


Phone: (414) 559-6499

As a Speech Therapist of over 22 years and a Director of Rehab and Integrative Health, I know the value of treating the whole person and importance of behavior change.  I discovered coaching as I studied Integrative Health and how health coaching created empowerment for individuals to heal themselves through forward, positive action.  

I attended the University of Minnesota, where I received a master’s degree in speech pathology. I added to this training with a Spirituality and Healing Center Health Coaching Certificate. I am Board Certified by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaches.

My belief is that all individuals when given the space, guidance and tools can create a path of healing. It is this belief that drives all that I do.

Using authentic listening and non-judgement, the coaching process allows for the client to re-connect to their values, what is important to them and what they want their health for.  This awareness inspires them to change. 

My work allows me to hold space for clients to discover on their own their next path to wellbeing, using their inner strengths and experiences that life has given them. My job isn’t to “fix” them, but to help them discover what was within them all along.

By sharing my knowledge of whole health and teaching health coaching to other practitioners, providers, and therapists, I help them build transformative skills into their work to allow greater success for patients and their healing process.

My philosophy is to always be kind. I even have BEKINDR on my license plate as a reminder for all. 

Meet Chunchieh Bruce Sun

Phone: (414) 312-1777

I have worked as a licensed massage therapist since 2002. Through my practice, I employed several oriental techniques including acupressure points. Eventually, I became interested in learning more about Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

I went to Midwest College of Oriental Medicine in Racine, Wisconsin. I have a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine, and a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition. The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine also awarded me with a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine in 2015.

I love that my work helps people get relief from symptoms sooner. I am dedicated to sharing this practice, my knowledge of Asian bodywork and self-care exercises so that people can expand on these practices in their daily life. I enjoy working with people to help them realize their intentions for a healthier life with ease. My greatest joy is when they give feedback about their self-recovery journeys and knowing that I had a part in helping their journey along.

I love watching fish and have three different sizes of aquariums with freshwater fishes. I find it peaceful and relaxing to watch my fish swimming in their aquariums when I am at home.


Phone: (414) 323-4183

Massage is a profound human experience that can facilitate positive changes. There is no doubt in my mind that it strengthens the mind, body and soul and enhances your connection to your inner power for change. Massage is a way for you to tune yourself. The goal is each individual’s to define.

After high school I attended Winona State University for two years studying Therapeutic Recreation and Tourism. I then moved to Colorado for a four year stint of pursuing the mountains and their wonder. I lived to ski, snowboard, hike and climb, and commune with God and his creation. I decided to return to Wisconsin to be closer to family.

I graduated from East West Healing Arts Institute in Shorewood, WI, in 2021. Initially I focused primarily on Swedish and deep tissue modalities. I recently completed level one training in Thai massage and will continue to deepen my Eastern bodywork study and practice. I find this work deeply rewarding and dear to my heart. I wish to share the human experience of massage so that others may feel its benefits.

In my free time I enjoy many forms of physical activity including strength training, endurance training, outdoor sports and daily dog park adventures.


Phone: (414) 323-4183

I believe the human body is a work of art and I hold a deep love and passion for health, wellness and beauty.  I am dual-licensed in aesthetics and massage.  My career began as an aesthetician in 2016, graduating from the VICI Aveda Institute. I later pursued massage therapy, graduating from East West Healing Arts Institute in 2021.
The power of positive pressure has transformed my own life and I aim to offer each of my clients that same reward by utilizing the healing
benefits of massage. Our bodies have their own innate healing ability, so I strive to be nature’s assistant and help guide my clients toward that relaxed state their bodies inherently desire.  I enjoy using Swedish and deep tissue and Asian bodywork techniques.
When not in a treatment room you can find me at the gym, trying new recipes in the kitchen, or spending quality time with my husband.

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